What is Farm Drainage?

farm drainage improves crop yield

Farm Drainage is an agriculture practice to remove excess water from the soil subsurface. Reducing and/or controlling soil moisture levels helps create an environment for optimal crop growth. Too much subsurface water can prevent proper root development, inhibiting the growth of crops.

Too much water also limits access to the land by farm equipment. Most modern agriculture depends on the usage of large machinery to prepare the seedbed, plant the crop, carry out any cultivation and applications during the growing season – and ultimately – harvest the crop. Besides the obvious inconvenience of getting stuck, operating most machinery in excessively wet conditions may result in soil degradation because of excessive soil compaction.

Why Farm Drainage Matters

More than ever, high yields are critical to today’s modern farmer. A field with proper irrigation management is one of the best investments a farm can make to ensure continued success. Pattern tiling a field is important because it creates consistency in yields, reduces runoff, and creates a controlled water table to help establish a strong root system.

Other Benefits Include

  • Fields Dry Sooner – Faster Planting and Harvest
  • Better Plant Stand
  • Less Plant Stress
  • Reduce Soil Compaction
  • Less Nitrogen Loss
  • Increases Value of Land
  • Increases Resale Value of Land

Let’s dig deeper.

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